Thursday, July 5, 2012

Punjabi actor Satish Kaul leading a miserable life


LUDHIANA - 30 June, 2012: For ailing veteran Bollywood actor AK Hungal, superstar Amitabh Bachchan came as an angel. 
Satish Kaul in a hotel room in Ludhiana on Friday. However, Satish Kaul, who was considered as the Amitabh Bachchan of the Punjabi film industry, has been waiting for his messiah to bail him out of his miserable life.
The veteran Punjabi actor, Kaul, 75, has been leading a miserable life in a small hotel near the bus stand as he has no place of his and there is no one of his family to look after him.
Many a time, he has to borrow money from the people to purchase necessary medicines for his survival.
All the money that he had earned during his career has been exhausted virtually, leaving him with a scanty bank balance.
He had started an acting school - Satish Kaul School of Acting - with a desire to teach so that they do not have to face hardships if they plan to go to Mumbai to work in Bollywood. It could be called an irony of fate that the school was shut down as the rent deed expired.
Kaul, with his frail memory, could not even remember the day he separated from his wife.
He just received an assurance from chief minister Parkash Singh Badal regarding help. “I do not blame him, as he is a busy man and may have forgotten about my pain. Even people who have watched my movies, don’t remember me, let alone the chief minister,” he rued.
He said people make a hero out of a person, when he is at the peak of his career and forgets him as soon as he witnesses a downfall in his career.
Kaul was born on September 26, 1937. He has acted in around 300 films that include Hindi and Punjabi movies. He has acted with Bollywood superstars - Dalip Kumar, Dev Anand and Dharminder among others. He had done his diploma Institute of India, Mumbai. His father Mohan Lal Kaul was the first director general of All-India Doordarshan. His first Punjabi film was “Morni” with actress Radha Saluja. Some of his most “Lachhi”, “DO Posti”, “Veera”, “Rano Dhee Rani”, “Bhulekha”, “Vehra Lambra Da” and “Wohti Hath Sotti”. “Prem Parbat”, “Warrant”, “Karma”, “Gunaho Ka Faisla” d “C d ” l Hindi films in which he has acted.
Satish Kaul was awarded the lifetime achievement award in 2011. A social organisation - Ludhiana Citizen Council - has taken an initiative to help Kaul. Thilh bid memorandum to additional deputy commissioner Neeru Katyal Gupta to provide him a room in senior citizen’s home so that he can live his old life gracefully.
According to Darshan Arora, chairman of the council, and senior vice-president Ashok Dhir, Kaul has devoted his life for the uplift of Punjabi films. They also urged people to support the renowned actor.
On being asked about what was the most memorable role he had played during his life, he said it was the role at present that he is playing in his real life. “I am broken, but not down. This role has taught me a lot as I am alone with no one around but still leading a respectable life”he added.


  1. may god bless u with a great life...

  2. Last I read about him was that he opened an institute and now this. Its very disappointing to know. Where is Satish ji currently?

    If I am not wrong Satish ji was born in 1954 not 1937. He should be in his 50s now not 70s.